Monday, March 29, 2010

Aduhai Adik-adik Jururawat Wad 7 Utara, HUSM

Last Chinese New Year when my late mother (May Allah bless her soul) was hospitalized for the 2nd time, I tried to talk to the nurses at the ward's desk (7 Utara to be specific) applying for the Pass to accompany my mother.

One of the nurse replied since 7 Utara is for female patients only female companion could apply for the Pass.

I persuaded her for some exception since I don't have any female siblings in my family.

The nurse responded that it's the Hospital rule & she didn't want to be questioned by the Staff Nurse in charge of the ward for breaking the rule.

OK, I respected her discipline while cursing her in my heart.

Later on, I witnessed the nurses are surfing Facebook using the ward's PC.

My immediate respond was: F**k off with their disciplines & rules...

Compared to
a) Breaking a rule for a son whose accompanying her sick mother,
b) Breaking rule by surfing social website using official cum public hospital's cum government's cum duit rakyat's PC,

Which 1 is more severe crime & sin?

Oh sh*t, I'm typing this entry using my office's PC... Oopppss.. Wakaka!

Aside from that: My highest appreciation to doctors, nurses & staff of HUSM.

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