Friday, May 29, 2009


And so, 36 years ago a legend was gone forever.

But he is immortalized by his masterpieces.

Perhaps the most talented entertainer ever.

His words are uttered, his musics are whistled, his dialogues are everlasting jokes for us.

He is closer to us than any living entertainers today.

We laugh hysterically on his evergreen comedic performances while at the same time thinking deep of his hidden messages.

Our Hari Raya never complete without his songs.

Let's offer a recital of Al-Faatihah to Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh (22/3/1929 - 29/5/1973).

And while we idolize our nation's greatest entertainer, let's take a few moments to look back & recall our adoration towards our Prophet (peace be upon him) & his legatees (pewaris-pewaris baginda) that used to live & preach in our country...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hot, Cool & A Refrigerator

"Masha'Allah = God has willed it!"

Last night was very hot here in Seri Iskandar, I was nagging almost whole night... hoping for a slight tint of temperature drop.

Tonite, it's just stopped raining, I'm currently basking in cool breeze...

What an ungrateful person I am...

It was so hot last nite that I literally sat shirtless in front of my opened fridge...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


We all know that kangaroos are Australian national symbol, it's not just because the hopping marsupials are unique to The Land Down Under but they are also abundant there.

So if you might have the chance to drive in Australia (I'm targeting for it!), you won't be surprised to see this signage:

The kangaroo signage has become Australian National Symbol, that's why we can see some people sticking them (the souvenir ones) in their car for berlagak.

While in Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort in Batu Gajah, Perak...

...they have this signage:


Monitor Lizard?

Now that's the coolest Malaysian National Symbol!

Hail to you, biawak!!!

p/s: actually they do have giant monitor lizards roaming around in Clearwater.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Belajar Bercakap Loghat Kelantan (Blajar Kkecek Kelate) 6

Kali ini kita belajar perkataan2 trademark Kkecek Kelate yang biasa disebut2 ramai orang ttp dgn penjelasan mendalam tentang maknanya.

1. Ddebe, gedebe
Samseng, ditakuti, digeruni
- namun tak semestinya jahat, seorang yg baik hati ttp berpewatakan digeruni juga dipanggil ddebe.

2. Bbekwoh
- perkataan untuk kenduri secara umum, biasanya kenduri kahwin.

3. So'oh
Rasa kurang selesa disebabkan panas
- tidak digunakan utk panas akibat cahaya matahari secara langsung, biasanya akibat ruang yg sempit @ kurang pengudaraan.

4. Ngngele (baca e taleng)
Wang yg disumbangkan kpd tuan rumah kenduri kahwin, kenduri kahwin yg mana pengunjung 'digalakkan' (baca: diwajibkan) memberi sumbangan wang - di sesetengah tempat disebut nyumbang @ salam kaut.

5. Nnate
Binatang - samada haiwan atau sbg ganti nama yg sgt kasar utk org lain.

6. Ghoyak

7. Kkecek
Bercakap - perhatikan perbezaan maksud di antara no. 6 & no. 7. Ini sering disalah anggap & tertukar oleh mereka yg cuba2 @ menyamar Kkecek Kelate.

...ssambung la weh!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bercakap Dengan Jin

I'm sure many of us have read or at least heard about Bercakap Dengan Jin (Talking to Djinn) series (later compiled onto serial novels) by Tamar Jalis. The novels were extremely popular in the 80s to the extend that it were sold more than 1 million copies.

The series were first published in the magazine Variasari, a popular mystery magazine just like Mastika today. In fact it was a huge phenomenon at that time causing dozens of other mystery novels with various titles & authors followed it's style.

I personally owed to the novels as at that time I was started learning to read and Bercakap Dengan Jin was my favourite novel.

The story followed the author's true supernatural experience (with some exagerations as he claimed) with his grandfather, a bomoh (spiritual healer) centered around Perak but also travelled to most of peninsular Malaysia and even to Sumatera in solving other people's out-of-this-world problems. I have to admit that his story was one of the reason I attracted to Perak, the state where I currently reside & work.

The author's experience & story revolved around normal traditional Malay's belief such as marriage with bunian (elf maybe?), keeping ghosts (hantu raya, toyol etc) as aid, crying graveyard, santau (voodoo-like magic), pontianak (vampires), keeping supernatural tigers as pets and so on... even the bigfoots!

Adding excitement & higher sense of realism to the stories was the author's detailed but natural writing style & his reference with hystorical events.

And currently in my parents house I can't resist to take a peek at my collection of the novels...

I wonder to do some Jejak Bercakap Dengan Jin, the location of the stories of course not the experiences... Kusss semangat...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snatch Theft

Snatch theft: Another pregnant woman killed


KOTA BARU: A woman who was four months’ pregnant died after a run-in with snatch thieves here, just days following a similar incident in Johor Baru which also saw the deaths of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

In the 10:50am incident on Wednesday, Saripah Mohd Nor, 34, of Kampung Kok Bedullah, Tumpat here was riding on her motorcyle on a busy road along Kampung Padang Raja, Melor, Ketereh when two men came up behind her on another motorcyle.

One of them tried to snatch her handbag, which was slung around her neck. The tussle caused her to fall off her motorbike and she was hit by a passing car. She and her four-month-old foetus died on the spot.

(Taken from The Star Online, 6th May 2009)

Snatch theft, snatch theft, snatch theft...

That's all we heard last week, apart from Perak political crisis of course. Uwekkk!

And since the police forces seem to be occupied with the latter, and our current laws looked quite inefficient to combat those petty thieves, here's my proposal to punish them:

Let's just... poison them, stab them, shot them, hang them, stretch them, disembowel them, drown them and quarter them apart.

Of course all that before we behead them, incinerate them & toss their ashes to seven different seas!

Ohhh... over-excited. But them motherf******s deserved it, don't they?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Siam Paragon Cineplex Experience

Exactly 3 years ago, during my semi-backpacking trip in Bangkok, I had the opportunity to visit Siam Paragon shopping mall, the biggest (I think) mall in Thailand. It's at least as big as Suria KLCC, maybe bigger. Coincidentally it housed the Siam Ocean World which is bigger than Aquaria KLCC.

It also housed the Siam Paragon Cineplex that simply can beat any cineplex in Malaysia. Why not? It has 14 screening hall with reclining seats which is cooler than Garden's (Mid Valley) Signature GSC, an IMAX theatre and the Siam Pavili, a lavish philharmonic hall.

I took the opportunity to watch the then-newly released "Mission: Impossible III". The ticket costed 160 Baht (RM16) each . The staff are much more friendlier than cinema staff in Malaysia, too friendly that they treated me as 1 of their own - greeted & spoke with me in Thai language... Dang!

However the thing that extremely surprised me was that they played their National Anthem before the movie started! And even more shocking was that everybody stood up & sang along... loudly. I had no choice but to respect that culture, after all I looked like 1 of them... Crap!!!

I remembered years ago when 1 of our Minister pitched an idea to do the same in our cinemas and it was greeted with super-ultra-megaton negative responses.

And can we claim we are more civilised than the Thais?

Maybe, just maybe...

P/S: My first personal photo in my blog... enjoy :-)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, 10th May 2009.

For those who didn't notice, it is celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May every year (subjected to region but Malaysia follows the original tradition).

Originally, it was founded by Anna Marie Jarvis (1864 - 1948, not "Jarvis" from Iron Man movie ok!) from US when she held a memorial for her dead mother on 12th May1907. She then campaigned for "Mother's Day" to become a recognized holiday.

Ironically, in 1920s Jarvis struggled to campaign against Mother's Day over-commercialization which led her to die in poverty.

How about our society?
At least we used to have the story of Si Tanggang aka Malin Kundang.

And how about these type of mothers of today?

Compared to this one?

Or maybe this type of sign encouraged the youngsters... Hmmm... Damn!

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to my most beloved Ma!
(and to the future mother of my children... whoever that is.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Animality in us?

Starting last week we've been fed with swine (pig) flu news.

Hell, I've never heard of swine flu before.

Following that, chicken (poultry) market price started to increase forcing our government to take immediate action.

And don't forget we used to (and still) have the avian flu.

And mad-cow disease.

It's quite funny how mindless animals actually have huge effects on our human life.

It shows how we are so much depend on the animals.

Maybe that's what cause the animality in some of us...

Dad accused of murder may have molested daughters (Update)


GEORGE TOWN: A man accused of killing his disabled daughter and burying her in a field may be a bigger fiend that earlier thought — he is also suspected of sexually abusing his three other daughters.

Police first arrested the 41-year-old odd job worker on Tuesday on suspicion of outraging the modesty of the girls after one of the victims, a 12-year-old, told church members what the father had done to them in their home in Air Itam, said sources.

One of the three victims later revealed how the father also abused her disabled sister, killed and buried her in 2006, said the sources...

(Taken from The Star online, April 30th)