Monday, March 22, 2010

12.11.1946 - 18.03.2010 (Part 3)

Ma, how are you in the next life?

Ma, how does it feel over there? How are you doing?

Ma, your body is lying alone in your tomb. Are you feeling lonely as much as we do?

Ma, I'm confident that you're doing just fine.

Ma, I'm having faith & pray that
  1. your good deeds when you're alive
  2. your sacrifices giving birth to us & raised us
  3. your sacrifices helping Abah feeds us
  4. your generosity towards the orphans
  5. your generosity towards people less fortunate than us
  6. your gesture to honor all guests
  7. your sacrifices in taking care of grandma
  8. your teaching for half of your age
will be rewarded accordingly by Allah & will accompany, widen & light up your tomb.

Furthermore, we will never stop providing you with our prayers so that your tomb is one of the gardens of Eden... Ameen.

Ma, did I tell you that when we were lowering your body down to your tomb - we were blessed with beautiful sprinkle from heaven?

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nadiahs said...

b strong ya.
Allah lg syg kan mama anda.