Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rosli Dhoby & Sibu

'Panggilan Mu yang Suchi'

Wahai Pemuda harapan bangsa,
Segeralah bangun membuat-kan jasa,
Kebangunan mu menyedar kan Melayu bangsa,
Ka-haluan kemajuan Aman Sentosa,
Wahai pemuda ber-chita suchi,
Kenal-kan Sarawak Negara kita yang Asli,
Meskipun bagai-mana anchaman akan terjadi,
Hendak lah sa-hidup sa-mati,
Mengibar-kan bendera menggambar kan hati,
Menunjok-kan rupa bangsa dan Negri,
Mengenal-kan hak di-tanahayer sendiri,
Wahai pemuda yang ber-semangat kan gelisah,
Insap-lah pada perjuangan bangsa,
Lambat bangat di-takdzir Allah,
Bangsa dan tanahayer tetap Merdeka.

Oleh : Lidros (Rosli Dhoby) Utusan Sarawak 28 Februari 1949

Who is Rosli Dhoby?

No, he's not the pioneer entrepreneur of laundry shops (aka Kedai Dobi). Neither photo above is the 'jambu boy' who alleged he has been sodomized by a prominent politician.

In fact, Rosli Dhoby (1932-March 2, 1950) was a Malay Melanau Sarawakian nationalist from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia during the British crown colony era in that state.

He was a member leader of the Rukun 13 organization, a secret cell organization which carried out assassinations of British colonial officers in Sarawak - Damn, that's cool!

Rosli Dhobi was the one responsible for the assassination of Sir Duncan George Stewart, the 2nd governor of colonial Sarawak in 1949 using a poisoned dagger (badik) - He was a teacher & just turned 17 years old at that time!

The price paid for his fight for the freedom of his beloved country? Rosli Dhoby was hanged to death at Kuching Central Prison on 2nd March 1950 & his body was buried in an unmarked grave.

Only after Sarawak gained independence & joined Malaysia in 1963 a tombstone was put on his grave.

In 1996, his remains (& 3 other heroes) were re-interred in Sarawak's Heroes Mausoleum near Sibu Town Mosque, his hometown & were given State Funeral - However, according to some accounts, Rosli's remains were mysteriously nowhere to be found.

His former tombstone in Kuching is now on display at Sarawak Islamic Museum.

Today, don't you think we are still ruled by the next-gen of British dogs?... It's now up to the Sibu people to decide & live up the fight of Rosli Dhoby this weekend.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Satu Undi bagi DAP merupakan satu undi bagi sebuah negara Islam"

Malaysian political intelligent is now officially retarded!

The picture above is "Mee Kampua".

"Kampua merupakan hidangan popular Foochow yang mengandungi bahan babi. Memandangkan majoriti di sini adalah Foochow, kami berharap dengan berbuat demikian, ia boleh menghantar isyarat jelas kepada pengundi mengenai isu negara Islam," kata Ngieng - Daniel Ngieng is the SUPP's Lead publicist for Sibu by-election.

Is this kind of creature who's going to be our leader?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day, Ma!

This year, I can only present you this: "The heart of The Holy Quran"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kerajaan timbang beri lesen judi Piala Dunia

I am not an ustaz to comment on this issue, but I think every Muslims got the idea.

What makes me want to laugh my ass out loud is the last paragraph:

"Oleh itu sebagai sebuah kerajaan yang prihatin terhadap rakyatnya, kerajaan akan memberi pertimbangan sewajarnya dan sebarang langkah perlu dilakukan secara berkesan bagi menangani masalah bookie tanpa lesen termasuk membenarkan pertaruhan bookie bola sepak dilaksanakan melalui perlesenan sah," katanya (Awang Adek).

WTF? Prihatin?

Warghh kahh kahhh kahhh kiokkk!!!

After this, a rapist would say as he is 'prihatin' he will rape his victim in a most delicate & smooth manner....

Very poor choice of words... (read a la The Joker in The Dark Knight)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Motorcycle Riding Rules: Malaysian Styles

These are the rules:

1) Ride as fast as possible in between cars.

2) No matter what condition: you are always right, car drivers never.

3) Sound your horn & scold car drivers who want to change lane, even if they have switched on their turn signals from 1 mile away.

4) Before turning & changing lane, never switch on your turn signals, they are only for decorations.

5) Other road users must take good care of you because you are more prone to accidents & fatality.

6) Traffic lights are for 4-wheeled vehicles & more only.

7) Wear light clothing - e.g. short pants, sandals. We Malaysians are proud with "Ilmu Kebal" (Invincibility).

8) Spread your legs apart - as "air brake" during emergencies.

9) Pakai baju terbalik - for aerodynamics.

When you have passed all the above rules, you may be rewarded with this ride for extra "cilok":

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drama Epik Fantasi Arjuna di TV3

I first saw the advertisement for this so-called 'fantasy-epic drama' near KLCC LRT station.

I think the first image in everybody's mind is this:

Aiya... when will Malaysian filmmakers will come out with something original for fantasy & martial arts settings movies & tv dramas...

I have no doubt the action scenes will include silat terbang... hehe

p/s: Notice the Malay warriors' (Pendekar) trademark: long fake hair