Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A mama & her paru goreng

Yesterday I had an online chat with a friend & 1 of the subjects covered is concerning our lunch break.

She mentioned that she had a plate of nasi campur + wonderful 'lauk's, 1 of them being 'paru goreng' (fried lungs). Without I'm asking, she mentioned that she also bought some (paru goreng) for her son at home...


A mother truly will never forget about her kid(s) whenever she eat something special.

I wonder when was the last time I thought about my mother when I had special meals...


Haslina Hasni said...

Salam Amir

Takziah.. I just found out about your mom today..

May Allah bless her soul and place her amongst the pious.

Take care and stay strong.

amirmukhtar said...

Salam Has,

Thank you VM.

Insya Allah.