Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Real Truth Behind The Missing RMAF Missing F-5E Jet Engines - Updated!

Seriously, I've finally deducted the mystery of this case.

It's started in September 2009 with the announcement of the formation of 1Malaysia F1 Team by the Prime Minister.

In mid-December 2009, local newspapers published the story of missing Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF aka TUDM) F-5E jet engines. It was mentioned that the engines were missing since 2007...

2 friggin' years and now only it's heard? And just 3 months after the announcement of the 1MF1 formation?

"In the name of my grandfather... This mystery is solved!"

What will you get when you combine this...

...with this?

Answer: You'll get this:

Yeap, they are using the jet engines on Malaysia's first F1 race car!

Think I'm joking? See: (...of course they are masquerading as Toyota F1 Team)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bye bye 2009

2009 is nearing it's end.

2009 has taught me a lot,
the hope of life,
the reality of death,
the sweetness & bitterness of love,
the nature of trust & being trusted,
the richness of friendship,
the frustration & anger out of betrayal,
the selflessness of sacrifice,
the fear of failure,
the thrill of success,
the joy,
the sorrow,
and of course, the pain...

People says:
"The night is darkest just before the dawn, and the dawn is coming..."

and just yesterday's evening...
I received a shocking phone call,
it's from the PC service center where I sent my laptop for repair,
that my laptop was infected with too many viruses & beyond saving,
there goes my 5 years of personal & professional data...

Being optimistic, it's time for me to start a clean slate.
Moral of the year: Back up all your data...sob! sob!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Truth Behind The Missing TUDM's F-5E Jet Engines

Few days ago, Malaysia was shocked with the news of a General Electric J85-21A after-burner turbojet engine – used in single-seater F-5E Tiger 11 and RF-5E Tigereye fighter jets – was discovered missing from the Sungai Besi RMAF airbase during a routine maintenance service.

Also missing were avionics system, maintenance and service records.

It was also confirmed by Ministry of Defense that 2 (WTF!) engines were stolen, with each costing RM50mil if they were new.

While we still can't forget the Al-Maunah's weapons 'heist' & use of armed force's C4 in the bombing of the late Altantuya, this is 1 fu**ing serious case! It's a matter of national security & Malaysia's credibility in the eyes of the world.

But while we continue to blame the government & the corrupt military officials, have we ever consider that all these military cases are actually conspired by this guy:

It's Starscream!!!

Seriously dudes, Starscream couldn't find any 'Kedai Potong' for his spare parts, so he actually found a weak link in RMAF's procedures.

Man, this is serious. The evil 'Decepticons' are infiltrating our Military's structure.

What next? We'll become slaves of the alien robots?

Just where the hell are 'Optimus Prime & the Autobots' when we need them?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dasar Pandang Ke Timur (Look East Policy)

Dasar Pandang Ke Timur (DPT) telah diumumkan oleh Y.A.B. Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang ke-4, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad pada 8 Februari 1982. DPT merupakan satu dasar untuk mencontohi negara-negara Timur yang telah membangun dengan pesat seperti negara Jepun dan Korea Selatan.

Dasar ini menekankan tentang pentingnya unsur-unsur ketekunan dan disiplin dalam kerja, perasaan taat setia pada negara, semangat kumpulan, keinginan menambah daya pengeluaran negara, meningkatkan kecekapan, mengurangkan pembaziran dan merapatkan hubungan di antara golongan majikan dan pekerja.

dasar ini adalah ditujukan kepada pembentukan sumber tenaga manusia menerusi penerapan nilai-nilai dan etika kerja yang terdapat di Jepun dan Korea Selatan dengan cara-cara bagaimana untuk meninggikan daya pengeluaran dan mutu kerja, mempertingkatkan pengetahuan dan kemahiran teknologi, membangunkan masyarakat Malaysia yang tekun, rajin, berdisiplin dan bekerja mengikut nilai-nilai dan etika kerja yang baik.


Btw do you know what is the most important Japanese invention of the 20th century?

Doraemon? Ultraman? Subaru Impreza & Lancer Evolution?

Maria Ozawa? Err... that's not an invention ok.

According to a Japanese poll in 2000, these are the items:

5. Compact disc.
4. Computer consoles
3. Walkman
2. Karaoke
1. Instant noodles!
Yes, Instant Noodles were created in 1958 by Japan's Nissin Foods.

Ironically, Japan's food industry initially rejected the product as a novelty with no future.

Of course, in Malaysia we have our national food: Maggi.

All bow to Maggi!
Click Here for more!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Idiots' Guide to Malaysian Politics

1. My party always right, yours sucks.

2. Government & party are one & the same (so do the facilities’).

3. Only current Ruling party able to rule.

4. Opposition must never exist.

5. Demonstration by Opposition is “human rights” but not by Ruling Party.

6. Malaysian voters are grouped by their races.

7. Mainstream media is the voice of Ruling Party, not of the people.

8. Politician is a career – a good source of income.

9. Rival parties must never work together, even for the benefits of the people.

10. Things to be highlighted (& exaggerated): my party’s good images & rival party’s bad images.

11. Things to be hidden: my party’s bad images & rival party’s good images.

12. Laws are meant to protect politicians.

13. Powerful orators are good leaders.

14. Developments are only for my party’s supporters.

15. People’s fate is to be destined by government.