Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snatch Theft

Snatch theft: Another pregnant woman killed


KOTA BARU: A woman who was four months’ pregnant died after a run-in with snatch thieves here, just days following a similar incident in Johor Baru which also saw the deaths of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

In the 10:50am incident on Wednesday, Saripah Mohd Nor, 34, of Kampung Kok Bedullah, Tumpat here was riding on her motorcyle on a busy road along Kampung Padang Raja, Melor, Ketereh when two men came up behind her on another motorcyle.

One of them tried to snatch her handbag, which was slung around her neck. The tussle caused her to fall off her motorbike and she was hit by a passing car. She and her four-month-old foetus died on the spot.

(Taken from The Star Online, 6th May 2009)

Snatch theft, snatch theft, snatch theft...

That's all we heard last week, apart from Perak political crisis of course. Uwekkk!

And since the police forces seem to be occupied with the latter, and our current laws looked quite inefficient to combat those petty thieves, here's my proposal to punish them:

Let's just... poison them, stab them, shot them, hang them, stretch them, disembowel them, drown them and quarter them apart.

Of course all that before we behead them, incinerate them & toss their ashes to seven different seas!

Ohhh... over-excited. But them motherf******s deserved it, don't they?


Mohamad Razif said...

Heret diaorang kat atas jalan.

amirmukhtar said...

ko bukan ex-mat rempit ke?