Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, 10th May 2009.

For those who didn't notice, it is celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May every year (subjected to region but Malaysia follows the original tradition).

Originally, it was founded by Anna Marie Jarvis (1864 - 1948, not "Jarvis" from Iron Man movie ok!) from US when she held a memorial for her dead mother on 12th May1907. She then campaigned for "Mother's Day" to become a recognized holiday.

Ironically, in 1920s Jarvis struggled to campaign against Mother's Day over-commercialization which led her to die in poverty.

How about our society?
At least we used to have the story of Si Tanggang aka Malin Kundang.

And how about these type of mothers of today?

Compared to this one?

Or maybe this type of sign encouraged the youngsters... Hmmm... Damn!

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to my most beloved Ma!
(and to the future mother of my children... whoever that is.)


DR Hilmi said...

huh ko bukan dah tunang ker? "whoever that is my..***..! ekekekeke

amirmukhtar said...

yo yo ajo...

Mohd Hamidi said...

hah... dah engaged ko??? best man... used to be

amirmukhtar said...

diriku masih lg teruna trang tang tang...

Mohd Hamidi said...

buleh cayo ko nih... ???