Friday, May 29, 2009


And so, 36 years ago a legend was gone forever.

But he is immortalized by his masterpieces.

Perhaps the most talented entertainer ever.

His words are uttered, his musics are whistled, his dialogues are everlasting jokes for us.

He is closer to us than any living entertainers today.

We laugh hysterically on his evergreen comedic performances while at the same time thinking deep of his hidden messages.

Our Hari Raya never complete without his songs.

Let's offer a recital of Al-Faatihah to Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh (22/3/1929 - 29/5/1973).

And while we idolize our nation's greatest entertainer, let's take a few moments to look back & recall our adoration towards our Prophet (peace be upon him) & his legatees (pewaris-pewaris baginda) that used to live & preach in our country...

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