Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bercakap Dengan Jin

I'm sure many of us have read or at least heard about Bercakap Dengan Jin (Talking to Djinn) series (later compiled onto serial novels) by Tamar Jalis. The novels were extremely popular in the 80s to the extend that it were sold more than 1 million copies.

The series were first published in the magazine Variasari, a popular mystery magazine just like Mastika today. In fact it was a huge phenomenon at that time causing dozens of other mystery novels with various titles & authors followed it's style.

I personally owed to the novels as at that time I was started learning to read and Bercakap Dengan Jin was my favourite novel.

The story followed the author's true supernatural experience (with some exagerations as he claimed) with his grandfather, a bomoh (spiritual healer) centered around Perak but also travelled to most of peninsular Malaysia and even to Sumatera in solving other people's out-of-this-world problems. I have to admit that his story was one of the reason I attracted to Perak, the state where I currently reside & work.

The author's experience & story revolved around normal traditional Malay's belief such as marriage with bunian (elf maybe?), keeping ghosts (hantu raya, toyol etc) as aid, crying graveyard, santau (voodoo-like magic), pontianak (vampires), keeping supernatural tigers as pets and so on... even the bigfoots!

Adding excitement & higher sense of realism to the stories was the author's detailed but natural writing style & his reference with hystorical events.

And currently in my parents house I can't resist to take a peek at my collection of the novels...

I wonder to do some Jejak Bercakap Dengan Jin, the location of the stories of course not the experiences... Kusss semangat...


shahibbul said...

yo bro, first one to comment

bukan hilmi .. aku benci hilmi said...

aku ingat dulu umo dalam.. sekola tadika kut... dekat puduraya .. ada kakak cun pakai tudung labuh tu ....baca siri BDJ nih .. aku mintak pinjam kat dia .. dia bawak aku pergi kedai .. and then belikan aku buku tuh .. siap tulis nama dia lagi kat buku tuh .. sayang dah hilang .. tak sempat aku buat kak angkat .. hahahaha

amirmukhtar said...

shib: cayalah bro!

h***i(he who shall no br named)-hater: uih, umoq tadika lg dah pandai amik alamat aweks? dah akil baligh advance kot time tu?

shahibbul said...

Bapak aku pung banyak buku ni daa.. maleh nak baca buku berhabuk. Cari buku ni best -->

untuk yang dah ada anak, yang belum ada pun sesyuai jugak

Che said...

bro amir, tumpang lalu..

if bro shahibbul ever read this, i wonder if he wish to sell his Siri Bercakap dengan Jin collection. looking for it, just for my own collection. thanks.

selamat hari raya