Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Siam Paragon Cineplex Experience

Exactly 3 years ago, during my semi-backpacking trip in Bangkok, I had the opportunity to visit Siam Paragon shopping mall, the biggest (I think) mall in Thailand. It's at least as big as Suria KLCC, maybe bigger. Coincidentally it housed the Siam Ocean World which is bigger than Aquaria KLCC.

It also housed the Siam Paragon Cineplex that simply can beat any cineplex in Malaysia. Why not? It has 14 screening hall with reclining seats which is cooler than Garden's (Mid Valley) Signature GSC, an IMAX theatre and the Siam Pavili, a lavish philharmonic hall.

I took the opportunity to watch the then-newly released "Mission: Impossible III". The ticket costed 160 Baht (RM16) each . The staff are much more friendlier than cinema staff in Malaysia, too friendly that they treated me as 1 of their own - greeted & spoke with me in Thai language... Dang!

However the thing that extremely surprised me was that they played their National Anthem before the movie started! And even more shocking was that everybody stood up & sang along... loudly. I had no choice but to respect that culture, after all I looked like 1 of them... Crap!!!

I remembered years ago when 1 of our Minister pitched an idea to do the same in our cinemas and it was greeted with super-ultra-megaton negative responses.

And can we claim we are more civilised than the Thais?

Maybe, just maybe...

P/S: My first personal photo in my blog... enjoy :-)


dr..h..you know who lah said...

siam? ada pegi massage tak? orr ping pong.. or thai girls show?.. mesti pergi nihhh isk isk isk

amirmukhtar said...

ishhh... kamu ni... ke situ aje. kuninglah otak kamu ni dr. h****!

umi said...

sweet nyo smile..muahahaha

amirmukhtar said...

hoho... sweet 24/7