Friday, November 28, 2008

Banjir alert!!!

Come December, Malaysians who live in flood-affected area will once again prepare (hopefully) for the worst - the disaster with the most casualties in our country, annual disaster at least. For those who lived to experienced & survived the disaster, it was no joke. Just ask those who live Johor, Kedah, Perak, Pahang, Terengganu, rural Kelantan & sometimes even KL.

But there are some people who will make a feast out of the flood - these people are none other than KOTA BHARU FOLKS! (which is why I use the sentence 'rural Kelantan' above to show the contrast between rural & KB). Actually that is the place where I grew up.

While our brothers who live in the earlier-mentioned place suffer, Kota Bharu folks simply dress neatly to wade the flood water & even dating in the flood (see 2nd pic above) in Kota Bharu town. If the water level is to high, no problem - the kid'll just bring the pelampung.

Some of them, will become KB cowboys - taking their horses for some run across the town.

Some of them, it's time to rev up their 4WD vehicles' engines.

Even if the water is too high - so what? KB is Venice of Malaysia, just take a stroll around the town in speedboats.

See, the buildings & shophouses in KB are specially designed for flood. Their are all elevated compared to buildings in other states in M'sia.

Even the Bomba & Rescue Dept is on standby, in case of shortage of water for the flood festival...

The mindset of Kelantan folks are very unique, which is why they elected a cleric as their MB for 18 years straight.




Why I use the word 'they/them' instead of we? Coz I never took part in the annual KB 'flood festival'. I swear it by the holy book!

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Aidan Z said...

Well, i would say 'KBians' are very lucky. They have tok guru and now i just realized they have flood festival annually...
Huh, soo jealous, hehe

amirmukhtar said...

Seleke lah maghi KB perie boh ni... hehe