Thursday, November 13, 2008

TG Nik Aziz's Off The Edge

I was wondering around in the newly opened Tesco hypermarket Station 18 (For those who's not familiar, it's not far from Ipoh, Perak) when a magazine cover caught my attention. The title is Off The Edge & featuring the photo Chief Minister of Kelantan as the front cover.

After going thru a few pages of the magazine, I ended up buying it. Hmm RM6, quite reasonable price, even Mangga cost higher - I dunno, never actually buy it!

The interview was very nice & transparent. The interviewer asked in Kedahan Malay, while TG Nik Aziz answered in Kelantanese Malay and the magazine literally published the original interview while adding the English translation. They touched many interesting issues: from Nik Aziz's personal & political stance & view, his origin & even his future plan.

However there is also 1 article on Kelantan under Nik Aziz's admin which ironically written by former victim of PAS's huge victory over BN in 1990.

End of story: Buy the magazine on your own to read it. Hoho
If you're an Opposition supporter you'll like it.
If you think Nik Aziz is Taliban-style leader, it will clear some things up at least.

Quoting Nik Aziz's question: "What race was (prophet) Adam?"


'Nuff said.

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Hamidi said...

Well,, nice story.. eager to have it and read it at once. Can I get it at any magazine stall?? See u in Kubang Kerian.