Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cinema Experience in Miri

I was chatting with a friend via YM last week & it reminded me of a trully extraordinary cinematic experience that I had in Miri. Miri was a cool resort city in Sarawak, after Kuching of course! And being the heart of oil & gas industry in Sarawak it's a common sight to see foreigners & night clubs but it's quite hard to catch a glimpse of luxurious or fancy sport cars compared to Kuching (again, Kuching wins!) but maybe my timing was wrong.

I was in Miri a few months ago (August) for a business trip which gave me some extra tan (thanks to my short sleeved t-shirts). Also the trip usually started early in the morning & I returned to the hotel nearing the sunset. Not much opportunity for sightseeing - pity me... One evening I decided to check out the cinema in Miri & bought a ticket for The Dark Knight (still a box office at the time) & also intrigued by one of my friend's warning about an ecounter that may wait in the cinema hall.The ticket costed RM10 & computer printed just like any cinema ticket we found in Peninsular. (But this one beat Kuching coz 1 cinema in the Cat City still uses manual ticket... Ceh!).

Scheduled to start at 10.45pm, I entered the hall at 10.35 only to found out the movie has started (WTF?!, I missed nearly half of the Joker bank robbery scene). The quality of the projector & sound will disappoint those who only familiar with TGV, GSC & Cineleisure in Midvalley, 1utama & Mutiara Damansara but of coz I didn't expect much.

However about halfway the movie, I heard 'chip-chip'chip' sound from the back of the hall followed by something running on the floor. That's it - RATS in cinema hall! Honestly it was very annoying & I advice those who have fear of rats to cross their legs on the seat (bersila) coz sometimes the rats literally run around your seat.

To make things worse, the rats sounds are clearer than the movie's itself. I guessed the rats are Dolby Digital - Surround.

Mr. Christopher Nolan will be jealous of the rats coz his TDK (partially shot with IMAX camera) was beaten by Miri rats sound.




I paid RM10 to hear rats humping under my seat?... Hehe


mohd zamir said...

rm10 for rats humping? thats quite reasonable price considering it takes place in a cinema..

Aidan Z said...

Rats humping?!!

i liked the sound of that word ringing in my ears!!!