Monday, December 15, 2008

I Bought A New Bike!

I have quite interesting history with bikes. My family never has any bike until my brother went to university (in 1994) and that was the first and only time I ride a bike (at that time). It was a Suzuki RG 110. My brother and I called it 'Belalang Tempur aka Battle Hopper' for it's dark green colour.

Fast forward to 1998, I found myself in UM and struggling to learn to ride a bike. One of my best friend laughed hysterically when I told him that a Modenas Kriss 110 was too big for me to handle...

The following year, the Battle Hopper was passed down to me and I managed to obtained a B2 license (after passed JPJ repeat test with flying colours... hahaha!). Sad but true, it was stolen afterwards and forced me to buy a 'the big' Modenas Kriss...

One year later, rezeki was still with me & the Suzuki RG was returned to me by Sentul Police Station. Since then it became my father's transport to our small orchard and was sold last year to a relative.

Since my graduation & found myself working, I have almost abandoned my bike riding skills as I'm now driving around here & there.

However, last weekend I could not resist buying a bike. It was my dream bike but not really a motorcycle. Here are the pics of my new bike:




I bought this over at Speedy Video in Jusco Ipoh ;-)


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Ceh! Should have known...!
So, you bought the DVD of TDK huh?
How much?

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