Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Truth Behind The Missing TUDM's F-5E Jet Engines

Few days ago, Malaysia was shocked with the news of a General Electric J85-21A after-burner turbojet engine – used in single-seater F-5E Tiger 11 and RF-5E Tigereye fighter jets – was discovered missing from the Sungai Besi RMAF airbase during a routine maintenance service.

Also missing were avionics system, maintenance and service records.

It was also confirmed by Ministry of Defense that 2 (WTF!) engines were stolen, with each costing RM50mil if they were new.

While we still can't forget the Al-Maunah's weapons 'heist' & use of armed force's C4 in the bombing of the late Altantuya, this is 1 fu**ing serious case! It's a matter of national security & Malaysia's credibility in the eyes of the world.

But while we continue to blame the government & the corrupt military officials, have we ever consider that all these military cases are actually conspired by this guy:

It's Starscream!!!

Seriously dudes, Starscream couldn't find any 'Kedai Potong' for his spare parts, so he actually found a weak link in RMAF's procedures.

Man, this is serious. The evil 'Decepticons' are infiltrating our Military's structure.

What next? We'll become slaves of the alien robots?

Just where the hell are 'Optimus Prime & the Autobots' when we need them?


Abu Muazz said...

wakakakaka... pecah perut kawe... lawak lawak...

optimus prime... pliz come!!!!

Shazwi Izzry said...

Adehh ingatkn serius sngt post neh xDD