Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Real Truth Behind The Missing RMAF Missing F-5E Jet Engines - Updated!

Seriously, I've finally deducted the mystery of this case.

It's started in September 2009 with the announcement of the formation of 1Malaysia F1 Team by the Prime Minister.

In mid-December 2009, local newspapers published the story of missing Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF aka TUDM) F-5E jet engines. It was mentioned that the engines were missing since 2007...

2 friggin' years and now only it's heard? And just 3 months after the announcement of the 1MF1 formation?

"In the name of my grandfather... This mystery is solved!"

What will you get when you combine this...

...with this?

Answer: You'll get this:

Yeap, they are using the jet engines on Malaysia's first F1 race car!

Think I'm joking? See: (...of course they are masquerading as Toyota F1 Team)

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