Monday, December 7, 2009

Idiots' Guide to Malaysian Politics

1. My party always right, yours sucks.

2. Government & party are one & the same (so do the facilities’).

3. Only current Ruling party able to rule.

4. Opposition must never exist.

5. Demonstration by Opposition is “human rights” but not by Ruling Party.

6. Malaysian voters are grouped by their races.

7. Mainstream media is the voice of Ruling Party, not of the people.

8. Politician is a career – a good source of income.

9. Rival parties must never work together, even for the benefits of the people.

10. Things to be highlighted (& exaggerated): my party’s good images & rival party’s bad images.

11. Things to be hidden: my party’s bad images & rival party’s good images.

12. Laws are meant to protect politicians.

13. Powerful orators are good leaders.

14. Developments are only for my party’s supporters.

15. People’s fate is to be destined by government.


eQbalzack said...

saya selalu mengundi.....tapi undi ku selalu rosak...yeah!

amirmukhtar said...

mmg la, org suruh pangkah. Yg kamu pegi tanda 'right' tu wat pe???

Anonymous said...

Great post. I like your critic perspective.

It's a pity it is like that :\
And infortunatly some things are common in many of the so called "democratic" countries.

amirmukhtar said...

sucks right?