Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pak Abu's Song

When I was around 7-8 yrs old, 1 of my cousin sang this song (anybody heard it before?):

Di suatu petang yg sepi... pipipi
Pak Abu jual topi
Topinya koyak... yakyakyak
Pak Abu jual tempoyak
Tempoyaknya basi... sisisi
Pak Abu jual nasi
Nasinya mentah... tahtahtah
Pak Abu jual getah
Getahnya putus... tustustus
Pak Abu terus mampus!

When I asked him why Pak Abu mampus (died), he replied that is becoz all of Pak Abu's businesses failed. We then laughed out loud...

However this morning, the song popped out in my head when I woke up.

And in the shower I was thinking:

Did Pak Abu committed suicide?
If yes then he must be a real loser & a man with zero hope...


Did Pak Abu died of heart attack due to excessive stress?
If yes then he must had a very unhealthy lifestyle...

Either way,

I concluded that this is a BAD song that can corrupt the minds of our youngsters (& even us) to think negative on entrepreniurship & business and kill our creativities & dreams.


Aqrab Group said...

nak mandi pun leh pikir pasal Pak Abu gak yer... mmg genius nih..

Abu Muazz

Mohamad Razif said... melawok..tak betul tu...tempoyak mana ada istilah basi. Aku oghe peghok sejati dok penah merese tempoyak basi heh. Tempoyak..lagi lame..lagi power. Mu kene kaji balik tempoyak basi ni...mano bukti.???

amirmukhtar said...

Tu lagu aku dengar mase kecik2 dulu lahhh... Mana aku tau betul x betul...