Thursday, December 18, 2008

What has happened to our society?

HULU KLANG: Dalam kesibukan pasukan penyelamat membantu mangsa bencana tanah runtuh di Bukit Antarabangsa, di sini, seorang penduduk berhampiran sebaliknya membuat laporan polis kononnya ketenteramannya terganggu dengan kehadiran terlalu ramai petugas. Difahamkan penduduk berkenaan yang terselamat dan tinggal di lokasi berhampiran Bukit Mewah, Bukit Antarabangsa di sini, membuat laporan polis kelmarin. Ketua Polis Selangor, Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar berkata, `mangsa’ membuat laporan mendakwa terlalu ramai petugas berkumpul di kawasan terbabit termasuk sekitar rumahnya menyebabkan dia terganggu.

[Source: Harian Metro]

First & foremost, my sincerest condolences for those who involved with flood, landslide etc in Malaysia these few weeks. These occasions have been very hard for them especially some has lost their family members. They are indeed a small test from the Almighty to us regardless we are affected or not.

But sometimes during these hard times, we might able to get a glimpse on the true faces of some of our society members. It's hard to believe when we barely survived a catastrophe, some of us do the unexpected.

While some of us have showed how humble they are during their suffering. Never once in my life I heard that a flood victim in Kelantan complaint about their conditions (except complaining about some political figure promises to help them just to get a vote but then disappeared...). They are all grateful when moved to temporary shelter whether it is a school, balai raya or even a railway station.

What makes the different? Could it be the wealth?

Could it be education background?

Or could it be our mere mindset?

If this trend is increasing, the future of our generation is worrying...

A few words for the fellow who lodged the mentioned police report:




"Apsal la bukan ngko yg mampus terkambus dalam tanah runtuh tu?! Kalo aku jd team penyelamat kat situ mau aku kambus ngko idup2, bengong!!!"

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