Friday, July 3, 2009

An Special Entry For Nicole Tan

There's a blog called Nicole Chocoa Heaven.

The blogger is Nicole Tan, a pretty girl from Malacca.

She is quite well known in Malaysia's blogosphere & has her own column in The Star every weekends. Damn, she must be making quite some money out of those!

She traveled a lot & her blog covers them pretty well. I admit that she is one of a few bloggers that inspired me to write.

She also loves scuba diving.

All these while, I never missed reading & enjoying her entries.

But her last 2 entries titled "Muslims Conquering The World?" & "It's called seeking Balance" made me feel uncomfortable.

Many readers criticized her, but I know a blogger like her won't give a damn about them, same as she won't give a damn seeing her pics in my blog. Heh heh...

Thinking deep, I quickly realized it's neither hatred nor anger that I felt, it's pity...

Pity her, she understands Islam from wrong peoples & wrong examples.

Most importantly... pity us, Muslims for our failure to demonstrate the beauty of Islam to beautiful & talented writers like Nicole Tan (& many others out there).

However, I personally can't resist to repeat a line from the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen uttered by Wheelie to Megan Fox's Mikaela:

"You're hot but you're not that bright..."


supporters said...

OMG... no one commenting on your post yet?

what they were thinking if that's the reason why you left your link. 一.一

anyhow, who you were referring at your last line?

tak macam kasar ke?? kalau tak bright, kite guide die... >.>

amirmukhtar said...

Mr/Mrs supporters,

I'm no big blogger like Nicole Tan(or maybe yourself). Only my close friends read my entries.

However, I'm always open to any healthy discussion if a person is honest, like you hopefully.

And if you can deeply read my entry, it's not exactly meant for Nicole...