Monday, July 27, 2009

The King has returned!

Durian - the "King of Fruits" season has returned.

Staying in Perak, I however noticed the quantity of durians this year is lower compared to previous years. Perhaps the durian trees in Perak are stressful due to Perak Constitution Crisis?

As always, durian stalls mushroomed everywhere.

Interestingly, a durian stall in Damansara Uptown caught my attention.

In KL, it's common for durian stalls providing table & chairs for customers to savour durians on site.

The mentioned stall however, has this signage:

"Dijamin Makan" (Guarantee to eat)?

Either they claim their durians are purely irresistable or they will do anything to force the customers to buy & eat their durians by:
  1. Put the parang used to crack durians on your neck & say: "Makan atau mampos!"
  2. Threat you to whack your head with durians if you refuse to buy/eat.
  3. Gas you to death by burping on your face after eating durians.
Pooh killed with durians & thrown to river

Of course I hope the sign means their durians are damn good.

BTW, do you know that durians are believed to have 'erotic properties' by the Javanese to the extend they have a saying...
"Durian jatuh, sarong naik"

Damn, that's way too good...

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