Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frightening Company Name

Regularly, I check for any interesting new career opportunity in Jobstreet.

One day, a company name instantly caught my attention.

Clicking the link:

Ooo... It's a Singaporean based IT Networking company...

And how the hell come it didn't rise my eyebrows? The name Mossad is freakingly famous as the name of the Israeli National Intelligence Agency known for their extreme actions against Israel's enemies including assassinations, abductions and torture (Refer: Wikipedia).

In fact, this entry might have surfaced in Mossad's surveillance...

(In case you've never heard of, 'Munich' is directed by Steven Spielberg & based on the true story of Operation Wrath of God, a covert operation to assassinate individuals involved in 1972 Munich Olympic Israeli Team Massacre)

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