Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why So Serious?

Last week, a non-Muslim politician created some stir when he quoted a few verses from the Holy Quran during an election campaign.

Of course, being a politician in Malaysia means that everything you do will be backed up by your allies & heavily despised by your enemies.

Some quickly claimed that what the politician did was insulting Islam.

Personally, I think it is a development in our dakwah. It proved that the Holy Book itself is being studied by non-Muslims. And if a fierce person like Umar al-Khattab could embrace Islam after he recited a few verses why not our own friendly Malaysians.

Maybe an event during the Treaty of Hudaibiyah could refresh our memories.

Narrated Al-Bara bin 'Azib:

When Allah's Apostle concluded a peace treaty with the people of Hudaibiya, Ali bin Abu Talib wrote the document and he mentioned in it, "Muhammad, Allah's Apostle ." The pagans said, "Don't write: 'Muhammad, Allah's Apostle', for if you were an apostle we would not fight with you." Allah's Apostle asked Ali to rub it out, but Ali said, "I will not be the person to rub it out." Allah's Apostle rubbed it out and made peace with them on the condition that the Prophet and his companions would enter Mecca and stay there for three days, and that they would enter with their weapons in cases.

(Translation from Sahih Bukhari)

For those who professed themselves as protectors of Islam, my personal comment is:


Anonymous said...

political agenda a abro

amirmukhtar said...

Pls, amirmukhtar is never a political blog. That's why the word personal is highlighted in bold