Friday, April 24, 2009


Dragon is perhaps the most famous legendary creature in almost every culture.

It is often depicted with serpentine/reptilian traits.

In eastern culture (especially chinese) dragon (loong) is a symbol of good, wisdom & benevolent. It is often associated with auspicious power & sometimes able to grant wishes.

While in the west, it is usually a malevolent, evil & feared creature. Those who are able to slay a dragon are acclaimed as heroes.

A dragon also usually depicted with fiery & smoky breath.

And being a legendary creature, nobody ever able to witnessed it. Neither even come out with archeological or photographic evidence - genuine at least...

But this blog entry will break that tradition...

Yes! I've seen a living breathing dragon & able to provide you with genuine photographic evidence!

Moral: Who says smoking kills huh? Who? This is a living evidence!

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