Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mari Menderma

Today marked the first time I donated my blood.

Yes, honestly I had a lot of excuses before (as most of everyone):

I'm afraid of blood & needle.
I faint easily.

It hurts.
Let everybody else do it.
I'll pass. Perhaps later.
Next time also can...

You know what? It's all bull-f**king-shit!

After my first experience today, I found out that blood donation feels good. In fact, it was too good that I think I'm already addicted to it (not to the extend of erotic pleasure of course...).

Hey, those blood are not ours. They're rewarded by God. Why so selfish?

Imagine 1 day your loved ones involved in an accident & there's no blood for them to replace their blood loss...

*Baru derma darah sekali cakap banyak pulak! Macam bagus sangat. Pegi daaa...

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