Monday, August 10, 2009

Weird posture of eating

There is a restaurant in Kota Damansara with a name of lemongrass (translate & figure it out).

Me & my friends went there couple of weeks ago for dinner.

When our ordered foods arrived, they were served in a mini-frying pans on stove instead of normal plates.

It's quite unique come to think of it.

However, being a soon-to-be safety practitioner I quickly noticed that it was an ergonomics nightmare of eating posture.

After dealing with some strain in my arms, I managed to finish my Nasi Goreng...

This is how my friends & I looked like after the dinner:

P/S: After finishing this post, I realized why the hell didn't I use the plates provided along with the mini pans???


AidanZ said...

i thought we were more like kangaroos, with 'pouch' on the front.

pah said...

haha...I have xperience using this mini-pan also. but they didnt gave us plate as an option. layan sajelah.

Anonymous said...

ergonomic? saba jela.. you should get the reading taw. pehtu calculate the rula. thn propose ke tuan kedai or perhaps.. offer diri as ergonomist for them as well. hehe