Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ipoh's Meister of Wheel Allignment & Balancing

One afternoon at a petrol station in Ipoh...

See the cars lining up to the pasar malam umbrella?

They are on q to meet the only living Meister of Wheel Allignment & Balancing!

Dont play-play with this Meister, he do those 2 jobs online i.e without taking out your car tires & even turning off your car engine.

If you send your car to normal tire shops, they will use the laser equipped computerized sensor & the spinning machine wtf machine for allignment & balancing works.

This meister however simply give a big 'F**k You' the the hi-tec equipments & simply use these own-fabricated tools for allignment

& this I-dont-know-what-this-is piece of equipment for balancing

Watch this sequential pictures:

He simply jack up your car, ask you to sit with engine on, gear in & press the pedal while he handsomely monitor the tire rotation & feel the suspension.

Then stick some tape to the rim, watch the tape's rotation

& finally stick the wheel weight where appropriate to balance your wheel

For allignment, he put the tool with mirror on your right wheel

put the other pair (with some measurement markings) on the left wheel & monitor the reflections of the wheels & judge either the allignment is OK or not.

Honestly I don't know how he allign the wheel coz 2 times I went there I never saw how he did it.

As a real meister, size of vehicles does not matter.

I wouldn't surprise if he can service lorry or bus...

The meister is actually the 3rd generation of his family to provide the service here, unfortunately looks like there won't be any 4th coz people claim his children are not interested to continue their family tradition. It's a great loss...

In the end he charge RM5 per tire for balancing & RM7 per tire for allignment. Compare that to the proce charged by wheel shops.

However his service only limited to front wheels only.

So if you ever come to Ipoh & need some quick works on your tire, just visit the Meister in Shell Petrol Station, Jalan Datoh near Shen Jai School and you wont be dissapointed.

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Doktor Hingus said...

and yes.. we did it DURING office hours..

*macam ku kenal WISH itu .. tapi sapa punya ya...