Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sugar Crisis

Why are there too many crisis in our country?

Political crisis.

Constitutional crisis.

Economical crisis.

And now, sugar crisis.

Last weekend I went to Damansara Uptown Food Court for dinner. One of my friend ordered: "Makcik, teh o satu, kurang manis ye." (Untie, may i have a mug of less sugar tea O please?).

He ended up pouring his tea in my glass after i finished my drink bcoz it's too sweet - it could kill a single diabetic ant instantly.

Next morning, we went to a another warong for breakfast & he took a mug of plain water - it was readily available in a jug on the table.


WTF? The plain water also tasted sweet!

Quoting my friend's:

"What the hell is wrong with these people?!!!"

And in the news almost every night people complaining about the sugar shortage?

Pardon me, i think i'm having sugar rush.


Aidan Z said...

Hehe, you nailed it there, man..

umi said...

love your blog..didn't knew that u have so much to say bout this life, knowing u during ur UM days..u seem like a person with nothing in ur mind..really surprise to see u are a very opinionated person..but hey! u kept me waiting for ur newest ramblings...

Anonymous said...

'a person with nothing in ur mind'?
that's so cruel umi..ouch!
maybe you didn't know him good enough...hehe
funny how we 'speaking' here in the blogsphere, yet it sounds funny when we 'speaking' in real life

amirmukhtar said...

Hahaha... I'm overwhelmed that this blog keeps me & my old friends in touch.

umi said...

that's what i thought of him..
never speak to each other..
sorry if that bothers u
we, kelantanese dun fight huh