Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Return from balik kampung blues...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all (not too late I hope). After one whole week of holiday, we all have to return to work right? And that also mean we have to return to the cities (or wherever we work). One thing that I hate most (beside return to the office, hehe...) is the traffic jam especially if you're driving out from kota bharu (my hometown). Just imagine driving for 14 hours (!!!) from kb to kl with approximate speed of 30 km/h... Too much resources wasted!
So everytime I stuck in that annual big-ass jam this is what cross my mind...
Cool & convinience, but hmmm... wait a tick. If I take a flight for balik kampung, I still have to think about where to park my car, safety of my car, I have to go to airport via another means & most important I can't bring a lot of kueh raya as if I'm driving. Festive season also is the season where airlines 'cekik darah'...

Bottomline: I love driving. I need a new car.

But I can never escape traffic jam. Sure I can be like a lot of moron drivers out there (overtake on double line, from left side) but that's illegal & most important it's dangerous. Honestly I prefer wearing baju melayu on raya morning than wearing kain kafan... and I prefer kissing my parents hands on raya morning than my families kissing my forehead right before my funeral...
So: I need a car that can intimidate other cars so that they will straight away let me pass and also keep me safe & sound.

Also cool. I can blast any stupid drivers to hell with it. But this thing is not fast enough. What's the point of driving this "invincible car" if it is still too time-consuming. Also my parents house won't have enough parking space for other cars.

I need a faster and sleeker ride.


Ahah! Found one:
Damn! This baby is perfect! She can run smoothly at over 150 km/h. I can fry any moron drivers' ass with her front cannon. I can even jump over any slow ass cars without harming them.

That's it. I'm going to buy this baby. Anyone know where I can get her please let me know ASAP.


Baharizman said...

haha i fully agree with you! a lot of stupid driver out there dont know to obey the rules! Please do so for the sake of our safety!!!

Qairil KA said...

me too...friend. i'm fully agreed with your words... but luckily i'm stayed in my hometown. so, i'm not really involved with that situation... come on, let us be a good driver..

Aidan Z said...

Whoa! Amir- the dark knight huh!