Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ramadhan Kareem, Malaysian style

The blessful Ramadhan will end in less than a week. Let's take a look on how we - the Malaysian Muslims celebrate the Holy Month, shall we?

  1. Literal meaning of fasting is abstaining from food & drink. Yet, this is the month when we can see all sort of food, some are very rare to be found outside Ramadhan.
  2. The number of people performing prayers at mosque reduced greatly by the end of Ramadhan. I thought that the "Night of al-Qadr" is supposed to be on one of the last ten night?
  3. People rush to perform Tarawih prayer in conggregation but not the five daily prayers.
  4. Workers always give the reason - fasting, when asked to perform heavy dutiy assignments (even in air-cond environment). I thought that the Prophet and his companions went to war during their time?
  5. We apply our annual leave for 2 weeks to celebrate Hari Raya but how many of us apply 7 days annual leave for the end of Ramadan?
  6. We have no problems purchasing extra price new clothes for Hari Raya. Then we condemned that this year Zakat Fitrah is RM7.
  7. After 1 full day of fasting - one of the 5 pillars of Islam, we break our fast with smoking.
  8. We break our fast with buffet course where we tend to pick up all types of food served and end up eating half of them.
  9. We wake up everyday before dawn solely for sahur. Tahajjud? What tahajjud?
  10. We shout "Freedom!!!" (as in Mel Gibson's Braveheart) deep in our heart when Ramadhan ends.

P/S: Will you excuse me, I need to prepare to break my fast at a hotel (buffet course) ;-)


Aidan Z said...


Teringat Shogun...!
Hehe.. Selamat Hari Raya!

perantau.timur.tengah said...

salam bro.. ok lagi rm7 tuh.. sini SR15.. tapi bagi lebih pun ape salahnye ye tak.. :) keep in touch k