Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Motorcycle Riding Rules: Malaysian Styles

These are the rules:

1) Ride as fast as possible in between cars.

2) No matter what condition: you are always right, car drivers never.

3) Sound your horn & scold car drivers who want to change lane, even if they have switched on their turn signals from 1 mile away.

4) Before turning & changing lane, never switch on your turn signals, they are only for decorations.

5) Other road users must take good care of you because you are more prone to accidents & fatality.

6) Traffic lights are for 4-wheeled vehicles & more only.

7) Wear light clothing - e.g. short pants, sandals. We Malaysians are proud with "Ilmu Kebal" (Invincibility).

8) Spread your legs apart - as "air brake" during emergencies.

9) Pakai baju terbalik - for aerodynamics.

When you have passed all the above rules, you may be rewarded with this ride for extra "cilok":


abang mimi said...

rempit rulesss

amirmukhtar said...

wahahaha... abg mimi, SAMCRO rules!