Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Farewell - Part 2

To God, for all the opportunities & rezeki you have granted me in this organization/place, I thank you Lord & please forgive my sins.

To my immediate boss, for all the motivations you have provided me, for the career development you have guided me, for the extraordinary friendship you have shown me, I thank you very much.

To my subordinates, for all the job you guys have done, I thank you all & wish you guys the best of luck.

To my 3 colleagues, for all the guides, helps & friendship you have provided me, I thank you guys. Together we are the fantastic four but not foursome...

To Norman Foster, for designing this wonderful architecture (though sometimes a bit impractical for Tronoh's climate) where I worked, you're damn good.

To certain A-holes in Human Resources & in the Top Management, for making my working life miserable & unenjoyable experiences, Screw You.

For people who might have problems with me and/or caused me troubles, Fuck You.


eQbalzack said...

pindah cepat...leh gather2 teh tarik nanti..hehe

amirmukhtar said...

ho ho, no red carpet for me eQ?

Dr Hilimebengong said...

hahahah good one bro..

aku nak add sket ...
To Dr Hingus fuck you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mampus aku tak nak gi open house dia lagik hahahahha

shahibbul said...


ya amirulmukminin.
eh cuba ko tengok ape yang aku jumpe ni..